TrendForce 2021 Infrared Sensing Market Trend- 3D Sensing, LiDAR, SWIR LED

According to TrendForce 2021 Infrared Sensing Market Trend- 3D Sensing, LiDAR, SWIR LED, as the market growth of major applications including 3D sensing for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet and AR), automotive in-cabin sensing (DMS and OMS), LiDAR markets (ADAS, autonomous vehicle, industry, delivery and smart city), eye tracking, security surveillance and PPG continuously boost demands, the infrared sensing market scale in 2025 is expected to reach USD 3.862 billion. The following major applications all have above-average growth momentum!

3D Sensing for Mobile Devices
World facing 3D sensing functions include rangefinder, blur photo effect (background removal included), 3D object recognition, spatial modeling and augmented reality. So far, the integration of 3D sensing with 5G connectivity has been introduced in smartphones and tablets to provide AR-assisted interior design, home renovation, home additions, and even integration with video games. 3D sensing solutions may even see cross-industry commercial opportunities in the future. Hence, the introduction of 3D sensing in augmented reality glasses in the future is more worth looking forward to!

According to TrendForce, the LiDAR application markets include ADAS, autonomous vehicle, industry, delivery and smart city.
Under the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the development of automotive industry did not go as expected. Yet, major car makers have released new energy vehicles. High-end traditional vehicles and new energy vehicles are mostly equipped with ADAS. In addition, because LiDAR is considered to be the necessary sensor to reach the autonomous vehicle L4 and L5, car makers have adopted LiDAR in advance to create database and increase accuracy. In addition, automotive LiDAR is also used in autonomous bus, Robo-Taxi and truck.
With the booming development of e-commerce, e-commerce and express companies have adopted unmanned delivery machine, bicycle messenger and autonomous truck in order to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of last mile delivery. Thereby, delivery robots with automatic navigation and autonomous decision-making functions enjoy high demand.
Furthermore, due to the impact of COVID-19 crisis, the industrial automation market development did not go as expected. Most manufacturers postponed the original plans based on their budgets. Yet, some manufacturers have actively developed industrial automation due to manpower shortage in the future. Although 1H21 will still be affected by COVID-19 pandemic, the European and the US markets will have a chance to boost the demand for industrial automation in 3Q21 following the postponement of development caused by the pandemic in 2020.

Automotive In-Cabin Sensing (Driver Monitoring System and Occupancy Monitoring System)
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Euro NCAP and European Union actively promote driver monitoring system (DMS) and occupancy monitoring system (OMS) in car models. Responding to the policy, vehicle manufacturers will drive the entry of first-tier DMS system manufacturers and component suppliers. Priority will be given to the installation of driver monitoring systems in the OE markets of passenger and commercial vehicles. Car makers include Audi, BMW, Cadillac (GM), Ford, Mazda, Infiniti (Nissan), Lexus (TOYOTA), Mercedes-Benz, Subaru, Volkswagen, Volvo, Maxus, Great Wall Motors, BORGWARD, Geely and Hyundai. Indirect ToF can detect longer distance and obtain 3D depth information. It is believed that indirect ToF technology will be introduced into new car models in 2022-2023. In addition, Tesla has already introduced DMS/OMS into the Model 3.

Eye Tracking
Eye tracking technology is extremely useful in solving motion sickness, enhancing immersion and improving interaction. Through foveated rendering, the GPU load can be reduced by 50-60%. Since 2020, eye tracking starts to be used in AR products. In addition, the market scale will grow with increasing shipments of augmented reality and virtual reality products in the future.

Infrared Niche Market- SWIR LED
Short Wave InfraRed LED (SWIR LED) is on wavelength of 1,050-2,500nm. The major SWIR LED market applications include FoD recognition, proximity sensor, blood glucose / alcohol monitoring, machine vision (hyperspectral imaging), etc. Machine vision (hyperspectral imaging) adopts SWIR light source and InGaAs camera to bin the spectroscopic properties according to different materials. SWIR LED suppliers contain DOWA, USHIO, Hamamatsu, Showa Denko, Epistar, Epileds, etc. Amongst those, DOWA can provide SWIR LED products with higher brightness than average level in the industry.

With focus on the major infrared sensing markets in 2021, TrendForce discusses and analyzes market scale, opportunity and challenge, product specification and supply chain from the prospective of terminal market, with an aim to provide a more comprehensive understanding of infrared sensing markets for readers.

Author: Joanne, Research Manager at TrendForce

2021 Infrared Sensing Market Trend- 3D Sensing, LiDAR, SWIR LED
Release: 01 January 2021
Format: PDF
Language: Traditional Chinese / English
Page: 175

Chapter I. Infrared Sensing Market Scale vs. 3D Sensing Market Scale
1.1 Infrared Sensing Market Scale
 Scope of Report
 2021-2025 Infrared Sensing Market Scale Analysis
 2019-2020 (E) Infrared Player Revenue Ranking
 Infrared Sensing Market- Power and Sensing Distance
1.2 3D Sensing Module vs. Light Source Market Scale Analysis
 Future Outlook for 3D Sensing Market Opportunities
 Future 3D Sensing Market Opportunity Analysis- By Application Market Segments
 2021-2025 3D Sensing Module Market Scale Analysis
 2021-2025 3D Sensing VCSEL / EEL Market Scale Analysis
 LiDAR Application Market Overview
 2021-2025 LiDAR Market Scale Analysis
 2015-2020 VCSEL Market Strategic Alliance for 3D Sensing Market
 2018-2025 (E) VCSEL Product Trend

Chapter II. Consumer Electronics Application Trends
 Biometric Method Pros vs. Cons and Price Analysis
 2020-2021 Mobile Biometric Sensing Market Penetration Analysis
 Optical Sensing Market Overview in Mobile vs. Wearable Devices
2.1 3D Sensing Market
 3D Sensing Application Market
 Mobile Devices 3D Sensing Functions
 3D Sensing Technology Overview
 2020-2021 3D Sensing Module Player and Product Analysis
 Structured Light Depth Camera Cost and Supply Chain
 2019-2021 Structured Light Product Projections
 Active Stereo Vision Depth Camera Cost and Supply Chain
 Direct ToF vs. Indirect ToF Technology Analysis
 APPLE World Facing Direct ToF Depth Camera Cost and Supply Chain
 2020-2022 Time of Flight Product Estimates
 VCSEL Product Design to Fit Eye Safety Assurance
 VCSEL Testing and Burn in Requirements
 2018-2020 Mobile Devices 3D Sensing Branding Supply Chain Analysis
 2020-2021 Mobile Devices 3D Sensing Branding Supply Chain Analysis
 2020-2021 Smartphone 3D Sensing Module Market and Penetrate Rate
 2020-2021 Mobile Devices 3D Sensing VCSEL Market Value and Volume
 2020-2021 Mobile Devices 3D Sensing VCSEL Market Value and Volume
 2020-2021 Mobile Devices 3D Sensing VCSEL Market Value and Volume- By 3D Sensing Solutions
 Future Outlook for 3D Sensing Market Opportunities
2.2 P+L Sensor vs. 1D ToF
 2020-2021 Proximity Product and Price Analysis
 2020-2021 Under Display Color and Proximity Sensors Product Trend
 STMicroelectronics 1D ToF Entered Samsung Note 20+ Supply Chain
 2020-2021 Proximity Sensor vs. 1D ToF Market Value and Volume
2.3 2.5D Facial Recognition
 2.5D Face ID Concepts and Product Advantages
 IR LED Specification and Price in 2.5D Facial Recognition Application
 2.5D Facial Recognition Market Supply Chain
 2021-2025 IR LED Market Value in 2.5D Facial Recognition Application
2.4 Photoplethysmography (PPG)
 Physiological Parameter Measurement vs. Disease Analysis
 Heart Rate and Oximetry Optical Sensing Principle
 APPLE Watch Pulse Oximetry Sensor Product Specification Analysis
 APPLE Smart Watch Applies Pulse Oximetry Sensor-Supply Chain Analysis
 PPG Supply Chain Analysis
 Photoplethysmography (PPG) Module Design
 2020-2021 Smart Watch / Bracelet Shipment vs. PPG Market Value and Volume
2.5 Eye Tracking
 Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality- Technologies Coverage
 Eye Tracking Market Demand
 Eye Tracking IR LED Product Specification and Price Analysis
 2021-2022 Augmented Reality Market Key Factor Analysis
 Eye Tracking Market Supply Chain Analysis
 2021-2025 AR and VR Shipment vs. IR LED Market Value Analysis
2.6 Optical Fingerprint on Display
 Optical and Ultrasonic Fingerprint on Display Technology Analysis
 OLED Optical Fingerprint on Display Technology
 2020-2022 OLED Optical Fingerprint Technology
 LCD Optical Fingerprint on Display Technology

Chapter III. LiDAR Market Trend
 LiDAR Product Definition
 Global LiDAR Player List
 Scanning LiDAR Execute Process
 Flash LiDAR Execute Process
 Scanning LiDAR vs. Flash LiDAR Player Analysis
 Scanning LiDAR vs. Flash LiDAR Technology Analysis
 Scanning LiDAR vs. Flash LiDAR Analysis
 LiDAR Application Market Overview
 2021-2025 LiDAR Market Scale Analysis
 2020 (E) LiDAR Player Revenue Scale Analysis
 LiDAR System Architecture and Cost Analysis
 LiDAR Product Specifications Analysis and Price Survey
3.1 Automotive LiDAR Market
 2021-2025 Automotive LiDAR Market Scale
 ADAS vs. Autonomous Vehicle
 Automotive Sensing Analysis- LiDAR, Radar and Camera
 Automotive LiDAR vs. Automotive Radar Market and Technology Trend
 Autonomous Vehicle Market Strategic Alliance Analysis
 LiDAR Usage Volume Analysis
 Passenger Car and Truck- AV L3 vs. L5 LiDAR and Sensor Requirements
 Autonomous Truck Market Player Analysis
 Autonomous Bus Market Trend
 Autonomous Bus Market Supply Chain Analysis
 Autonomous Bus- AV L4 LiDAR and Senor Requirement
 Robo-Taxi- AV L4 LiDAR and Senor Requirement
 Pros and Cons of the Integration of LiDAR and Headlamp
3.2 Industry and Delivery LiDAR Market
 2021-2025 Industry vs. Delivery LiDAR Market Scale
 Industry LiDAR Market Application Overview
 Industrial Robots Product Analysis
 Delivery LiDAR Market Application Overview
 AGV / AMR Market Value Chain Analysis
 AGV / AMR LiDAR vs. LiDAR Laser Requirement Analysis
3.3 LiDAR Laser Market
 LiDAR Three Major Components and Market Requirements
 LiDAR End Product Requirements and Light Source Analysis
 LiDAR Laser Product Portfolio and Player Analysis
 905nm LiDAR Laser Diodes Product Analysis
 905nm vs. 1,550nm LiDAR Laser Advantages and Applications
 Photodetector Analysis
 1,550nm Photodetector Analysis
 2021-2025 LiDAR Laser Market Value- Application vs. Light Source
 2019-2020 (E) LiDAR Laser Player Revenue Ranking
 LiDAR Laser and Photodetector Player List

Chapter IV. In-Cabin Sensing Market Trend
 Driver Monitoring System (DMS) vs. Occupancy Monitoring System (OMS)
 DMS / OMS To Be Mandatory For New Cars in 2022
 DMS vs. OMS- Sensing Analysis
 ADAS Integration with DMS / OMS Functions
 DMS vs. OMS- Features Analysis
 DMS- Product Introduction Design
 DMS- Product Specification and Case Study
 OMS- Product Introduction Design
 DMS vs. OMS- Integrated Sensing Requirement Analysis
 2020-2021 Infrared Light (IR LED / VCSEL) Product Specification and Price
 2021-2025 Infrared Light (IR LED / VCSEL) Market Value in DMS / OMS
 DMS vs. OMS Market Landscape Analysis
 DMS vs. OMS Market Supply Chain

Chapter V. SWIR LED and Broadband IR LED Market Trend
5.1 SWIR LED Market Trend

 Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) Product Definition and Market Strength
 SWIR Application Markets - By Wavelength
 SWIR LED Epitaxy and Chip Technology Analysis
 SWIR LED Product Specification and Price Analysis
 SWIR Image Sensor Analysis
 2021 Machine Vision (Hyperspectral Image) Market Trend
 Machine Vision (Hyperspectral Image) Application Market Opportunity
 Machine Vision (Hyperspectral Image) Market Case Studies- 1
 Machine Vision (Hyperspectral Image) Market Case Studies- 2
 Machine Vision (Hyperspectral Image) Market Case Studies- 3
 Machine Vision (Hyperspectral Image) Market Case Studies- 4
 Machine Vision (Hyperspectral Image) Market Supply Chain Analysis
 Possibilities of Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Market
 Non-Invasive Optical Blood Glucose Measurement
 SWIR LED Market Opportunity and Potential Client List
5.2 Broadband IR LED Market Trend
 Spectrometer Market Overview
 Spectrometer Market Definition
 Spectrometer Market- Broadband IR LED Product Trend
 Spectrometer Market- Multispectral Sensors Product Trend
 Spectrometer Market Case Studies
 Possibilities of Spectral Sensing Market in Mobile Applications

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