TrendForce 2024 Deep UV LED Market Trend and Product Analysis- Technological Innovations to Drive Expanded Applications

According to TrendForce’s report “2024 Deep UV LED Market Trend and Product Analysis", the UV LED market value is expected to reach USD 309 million in 2028, thanks to application expansion to fields such as curing, medical, disinfection/purification, photocatalytic air purification, and tanning/horticultural lighting/food preservation. Seoul Viosys continued to generate the highest UV LED revenue between 2019 and 2023 in consecutive, securing its top position. Furthermore, ams OSRAM saw an increase in revenue from UV-C LED business ...
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TrendForce: LED Market Value to Grow to USD 13.003 Billion in 2024

According to TrendForce’s latest report “Gold+ Member: Global LED Market Demand and Supply Database and LED Industry Quarterly Update”, the market value of LEDs shrunk to USD 12.608 billion in 2023 due to multiple negative factors such as sluggish end-market demand, slow inventory depletion for LEDs, and fierce price wars. Entering 2024, the market demand for automotive lighting and displays, lighting (i.e., general, architectural, and agricultural lighting), LED video walls, UV/IR LEDs are likely to recover gradually. Additionally...
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2023 Deep UV LED Market Trend and Product Analysis- Ready for a Comeback

According to TrendForce’s 2023 Deep UV LED Market Trend and Product Analysis, the pandemic woes in China affected both supply chains and new project investments across the UV-A LED sector in 2022, where the market demand for PCB exposure machines and LCD lamination equipment—related to consumer electronics—dropped dramatically. In the UV-C LED sector, most home appliance manufacturers delayed product development plans due to weak consumer spending, indicating their lower willingness to introduce UV-C LED products. Further, UV LED...
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TrendForce: LED Market Value Likely to Hit USD 21.013 Billion in 2027

According to TrendForce’s latest report “Gold+ Member: Global LED Industry Data Base and LED Player Movement Quarterly Update”, soaring raw material costs and high inflation caused by the Russia–Ukraine war and pandemic woes in China have slashed consumer market demand and increased end product inventories. Therefore, TrendForce analyzes that the LED market value shrunk to USD 14.214 billion in 2022 (-19% YoY). Except for the 40% growth rate of the Mini LED backlight market, general lighting, architectural lighting, agricultural l...
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Violumas Adds New UVA Wavelengths with Boosted Output to Product Lineup

  Violumas is proud to announce the addition of two new wavelengths to its extensive, high power UV LED product lineup. The California-based company has secured a steady supply of 340 nm and 325 nm LEDs, enabling production of surface-mount-device (SMD) and chip-on-board (COB) devices at these niche wavelengths.     Violumas’ new 325nm and 340nm products provide the highest optical output in the market along with exceptional reliability (LT70 > 6,000 hours), enabling denser and more reliable designs. Due to a specially developed...
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Seoul Viosys to Prove Powerful Short-Time Repellent Technology against Recent Outbreak of Love Bugs

ANSAN, South KoreaSeoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), a company specializing in optical semiconductors, announced that Violeds, a short-wavelength optical semiconductor technology, has an excellent effect in capturing the love bugs in a short time and powerfully eradicating them, which was proven in Seoul Viosys' capturing experiment. Love bugs have appeared on a large scale recently in Korea and are causing pain to people.   Violeds technology is an insect repellent technology that attracts mosquitoes and fruit flies using Ultra Violet (UV) LEDs. Seoul V...
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Import Prohibition in Europe as Result of Search and Seizure by French Court

ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys (“SVC”) (KOSDAQ: 092190), a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd., has won a patent litigation against a European home appliance distributor that infringed its Violeds technology. In February 2022, Seoul Viosys filed patent litigation against FTHMM International B.V., a Netherlands trading company, in The Hague District Court of the Netherlands, seeking a preliminary injunction against the sales of infringing UV LED products. The asserted patent relates to Violeds technology that can...
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New study proves correct dosage for ultraviolet disinfection against COVID

Associate Professor Guy German, left, and Distinguished Professor Kaiming Ye, chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, have new research that offers provable standards for ultraviolet disinfection. Image Credit: Jonathan Cohen.   When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in early 2020, ultraviolet radiation became one of the go-to methods for preventing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, along with facemasks, hand sanitizer and social distancing.   The problem: There was little research showing what UV dosage kills the virus. What wavel...
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Seoul Viosys to hold civil and criminal liability for contempt of court against the company ignoring judgment

ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), a global optical semiconductor company and a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, took a stand on SL VIONICS (formerly Semicon Light), which completely denies Seoul Viosys' patent winning report and judgment, and disclosed the contents of the patent litigation complaint and judgment. Seoul Viosys submitted a complaint to the Florida court in the United States at the time of the lawsuit in 2021. In the complaint disclosed by the court, it is stated that SL VIONICS' products infringe...
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TrendForce 2022 Deep UV LED Application Market and Branding Strategies- Unlash the Market Potential

According to TrendForce latest report “2022 Deep UV LED Application Market and Branding Strategies,” as vaccination coverage increases with noticeable UV-C LED price slumps, TrendForce has revised down the UV LED market value to USD 317 million in 2021 (+2.3% YoY). In the long run, air and large surface sterilization will remain the major sectors for which leading home appliance brands strive. Additionally, UV-C LED will likely be applied to OEM automobile air conditioners, flowing water sterilization, manufacturing industry facilities, a...
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Seoul Viosys Obtains Permanent Injunction Against UV LED Products That Infringe Violeds Patented Technology

ANSAN, South Korea--Seoul Viosys (“SVC”) (KOSDAQ: 092190), a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd., announced that the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida issued a permanent injunction against Namsung America, Inc. (“Namsung”).  Namsung sold home electronics incorporating UV LEDs manufactured and supplied by SL Vionics Co., Ltd. (previously known as Semicon Light).     Prior to the lawsuit, Namsung ignored repeated notices of patent infringement from SVC. ...
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No Virus Transmission Detected at 300 Stores with Seoul Viosys UVC Air Purifying Sterilizer

· Seoul Viosys to provide free UV sterilization technology license for the safety of public health   ANSAN, South Korea--Seoul Viosys (KOSDAQ: 092190), a global optical semiconductor company, provided free air purifying sterilizers applied with Violeds, its UV LED sterilization solution technology, to more than 300 self-employed people suffering from COVID-19 pandemic. Later, when surveyed by phone, the beneficiaries said there was no outbreak of virus transmission at their stores, according to the Seoul Viosys announcement on the 21th. ...
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【Exclusive Interview】HPLighting Stays Focus on Developing IR/UV LED and will Continuously Improve Market Recognition and Competitiveness in Niche Application Fields

HPLighting is a professional developer of high-power IR LED and UV LED packaging technologies as well as UV LED optical systems applications. As invisible lighting products continues to expand applications, the company has been creating products in reaction to the growing market demand in 2021-2022. In this context, TrendForce had the honor to interview Charles Wei, CEO of HPLighting, to further learn about the company’s business performance and outlook in the invisible lighting market in 2021-2022. According to Charles Wei, IR LED business co...
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Court Orders Search and Seizure of Products From Suspected Infringers of Seoul Viosys’ Patents in Europe

  ANSAN, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ: 092190), an affiliate of Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (“SETi”) and a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, announced that, in September 2021, the Judicial Court of Paris, France ordered a search and seizure against a multi-national electric retailer and its suppliers for distributing UV LED sterilizers suspected of infringing Seoul Viosys’ patents. Seoul Viosys had filed a patent infringement complaint with the French court. Under th...
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Superlattice Electron Blocking Layer Boosts UV LEDs Efficiency

WHU team shows improved quantum efficiency of UV LEDs by introducing AlInGaN/AlGaN superlattice electron blocking layer (SEBL) A research team led by Shengjun Zhou at Wuhan University has reported a special design of electron blocking layer (EBL) to improve the efficiency of ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV LEDs). They proposed an AlInGaN/AlGaN superlattice electron blocking layer (SEBL) to boost quantum efficiency of ~371 nm UV LEDs. The UV LEDs have gained growing interest for tremendous applications, such as lithography, m...
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Reducing The Operating Voltage Of Tunnel-junction Deep UV LEDs

Driving down carbon contaminations and cranking up silicon trims the operating voltage of deep-UV LEDs with a tunnel junction A Japanese collaboration is claiming to have broken new ground for reducing the operating voltage of tunnel-junction deep-UV LEDs. Success has come from suppressing the incorporation of carbon contaminants in an n-type AlGaN layer that is then doped with a high concentration of silicon. The lower operating voltage promises to increase the optical efficiency of high-power tunnel-junction LEDs, which will become the dominant form of this devi...
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Applied UV Continues International Expansion with Airocide(R) Hospital Installation in Thailand

Airocide® technology helps hospitals to remain open to protect patients, visitors and staff   MOUNT VERNON, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2021 / Applied UV, Inc. (NASDAQ:AUVI) ("Applied UV" or the "Company"), an infection control technology company that applies the power of narrow-range ultraviolet light ( "UVC") for surface areas and catalytic bioconversion technology for air purification to destroy pathogens safely, thoroughly, and automatically, announced that its Thailand distributor, V Eye Precisio...
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CrazyCap Is the First UV LED Water Bottle to Be NSF/ANSI 55 Certified

Water Bottle Cap with Integrated Deep UV Light Receives International Certification Confirming Efficacy at the Highest Standards MIAMI, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- After an extensive testing process, CrazyCap has been certified by NSF International, making it the first UV water bottle to receive the NSF/ANSI 55 certification for ultraviolet water treatment systems.   CrazyCap was NSF 55 certified through rigorous testing by the water safety industry experts at NSF International. This certification proves that the U...
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Brilli Debuts World's First UV-Free Household Led Lighting Proven to Kill* Viruses and Bacteria

Wellness Lighting Brand Launches Bright Clean Line of Revolutionary Antimicrobial Fixtures Powered by Vyv® Technology BOSTON, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Light better to live better. Brilli, the lighting brand created to provide the widest product range of wellness benefits to circadian and home health available on the U.S. market, announced today the launch of its new Bright Clean line, the very-first home UV-free lighting fixtures tested to kill* viruses and bacteria on surfaces. Powered by Vyv®, the market...
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UK Project LUSS To Develop UVA-based Disinfection System

Microlink Devices has announced that the Project LUSS (LED based Ultra-Violet exposure for Safe Surfaces) Consortium has been awarded an Innovate UK Grant to develop an economical solution to combat COVID-19 infection in public spaces, with the added ability to also disinfect surfaces of other viruses and bacteria. Microlink Devices, Wideblue and CSA Catapult consortium awarded Innovate UK grant to develop LED-based autonomous surface disinfection system for hospitals MicroLink Devices as lead industrial partner, with support from WideBlue and...
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AMS Spectral UV Introduces New XP Quatro Series™ LED Curing Technology at virtual.drupa

New Quatro solution provides extreme power flexibility, dual output, and total reliability at industrial curing speeds RIVER FALLS, WISCONSIN, USA – 20 April, 2021 – Baldwin Technology Company Inc. and its connected companies, AMS Spectral UV®, Baldwin Vision Systems and Ahlbrandt® will exhibit at the first ever virtual.drupa this week (20-23 April 2021), using the platform to launch its brand new LED curing solution, demonstrate its latest inspection system, and showcase a range of other cutting-edge technologies from its c...
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UV LEDs Get Smaller And Brighter

Arrays of miniaturised deep-UV LEDs deliver record brightness Scientists at the University of South Carolina are claiming to have produced the world's smallest and brightest deep-UV LEDs. Their devies, emitting at 281 nm, have dimensions down to 5 μm, with arrays producing an output of up to 361 W cm-2. The team's progress will help this class of LED compete against mercury lamps in applications requiring high doses of deep-UV radiation. For some applications, such as face-mask disinfection, the toxicity of mercury is of concern. Led by Asif Kh...
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Viewtech Vies for Dominance in Air Conditioning, Active Water Purification Markets via Constant Improvements in Product Quality, Reliability, Disinfection Efficiency

According to Optoelectronics Research Division from TrendForce, the budding UV-C LED market is not only expanding to such countries as Japan, Korea, and the US, but also moving towards applications including large-scale indoor air disinfection and running water disinfection. In particular, there are currently four major application involving UV LED disinfection modules: water purification, surface disinfection, air disinfection, and specialty disinfection, all of which place different demands on UV LED modules but require a certain standard of disinfection efficiency, lifecycle, and safety. LEDinside is honored to interview President De-Heng Zhang and Dr. Nan Meng of major Chinese module manufacturer Viewtech (also known as Hangzhou Huiyi Technology Co., Ltd.) for their insights on both the present and the future of UV-C LED disinfection products.
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【Exclusive Interview】Seoul Viosys UV-C LED revenue ranked first in the world and China in 2020

After many years of dedicated investments in researching and developing UV LED products, Seoul Viosys has earned its reputation as one of the world’s leading UV LED suppliers. Besides having a product portfolio that covers the entire UV LED spectrum, the company is also ahead of its competitors in the major market segments such as curing, phototherapy, and disinfection (including surface disinfection, air purification, and water sterilization). The COVID-19 pandemic that continues to wreak havoc around the globe has dramatically raised people’s awarene...
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【Exclusive Interview】Violumas Set Another Record High on UV-C LED Optical Power to Well Prepare for New Market Opportunities

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Violumas, the UV division of Flip Chip Opto under Cofan Group, is known as a supplier for full-service UV LED products and solutions. Their patented 3-Pad Flip Chip technology allows them to engage in UV technologies and applications with more powerful and reliable solutions. With a product range featuring chips, UV LED packages, UV LED modules, and cooling solutions, Violumas has been dedicated to providing full-service UV solutions from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C range (405 to 265nm). Benefited from disinfection m...
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Nitride Semiconductors Continues Enforcement against Infringement of its UV LED Patent

On Feb. 18, 2021 (local time), Nitride Semiconductors Co., Ltd. (“Nitride”), a pioneer of ultraviolet light emitting diode (UV LED) technology, hereby announces that, it has successfully filed a complaint against Digi-Key Corporation (“Digikey”), a global electrical components distributor, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota, asserting infringement of Nitride’s UV LED patent.
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Samsung Re-Scheduled UV LED for Home Appliances of 2021

According to Korean news, Samsung Electronics has reduced the number of home appliances launching next year that it will apply UV LED on from its initial target. In September 2020, the company had planned to install UV LED on up to 20 to 30% of new home appliances launching in 2021, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it has reduced the number of models that it will install UV LED on and instead will expand their application depending on market reactions. Samsung has recently begun testing the installation of UV LED on its home appliances launc...
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Study Finds Irradiation of UV LED Can Prevent Bone and Muscle Loss in Mice

A research team at Nagoya University in Japan has revealed that narrow-range UV irradiation using LED safely increases serum vitamin D levels in aging mice and thereby prevents the loss of their bone and muscle mass. The findings were recently published in the journal Scientific Reports, titled "Low energy irradiation of narrow-range UV-LED prevents osteosarcopenia associated with vitamin D deficiency in senescence-accelerated mouse prone 6.” Decreased bone density (osteoporosis) and the loss of muscle mass and strength (sarcopenia) are age-related disorder...
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Crystal IS and Boston University Research Demonstrates Klaran UVC LEDs’ Effective Wavelength for Inactivating SARS-CoV-2

Crystal IS, an Asahi Kasei company, and Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious Disease Laboratories (NEIDL) have performed research demonstrating the efficacy of Crystal IS’ Klaran UVC LEDs to inactivate SARS-CoV-2. Crystal IS initiated this research to understand how SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, responds to ultraviolet light across the emission range of Klaran UVC LEDs (260 nm to 270 nm) and at different doses. (Image: Crystal IS) Log Reduction as a Function of Dose and LED Peak ...
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Toyoda Gosei to Launch SARS-CoV-2 Diminishing Deep UV LEDs in Water Purification System

Toyoda Gosei, who announced the development of deep UV LED disinfecting module, recently confirmed the effectiveness of its product in SARS-CoV-2 inactivation. The company also reported that the UV LED module will adopted in water purification unit launching in November 2020. Toyoda Gosei has conducted a viral inactivation experiment in which the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was irradiated using its deep UV LED technology. The experiment was conducted jointly with the Biomedical Science Association, a certified NPO, and showed these deep UV LE...
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Automotive NC2W321G (Package size:3.5×3.2×0.75(㎜) Color:White) NC3W321G(Package size:3.5×4×0.75(㎜) Color:White) NC4W321G(Package size:3.5×5.1×0.75(㎜) Color:White) NC5W321G (P... READ MORE

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