GPE Ardenghi Srl Introduces New Screen Printer With UV LED Curing From Phoseon Technology

GPE Ardenghi srl introduces the new Mod. GPE/24-LED automatic screen printer enabled by UV LED curing technology. The new machine is used for screen printing on pens, barrels and other small round articles. LED (light emitting diode) technology offers maximum UV output with significantly less energy consumption, along with cooler operating temperatures that allow for printing on heat sensitive substrates. 
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Innovations in Optics Introduces Large Chip-on-Board LumiBright UV LED

Innovations in Optics, Inc. introduces LumiBright™ UV Boards for high power UV LED applications such as UV curing, 3D printing, maskless lithography, photodynamic therapy, and fluorescence excitation in life science or machine vision. LumiBright UV Boards offer maximized heat and current spreading to deliver high UV optical power with superior thermal management and open platform flexibility that provides for totally unique and compact UV LED design solutions.
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LG Innotek Now Mass Producing UV LEDs with World Class Output

LG Innotek (CEO Ung-Beom Lee) announces it has begun mass producing high output UV LED chips that delivers the world class performance.The company has developed UV LED chips that can output 560mW at a drive current of 500mA, which is world class output on a single chip. Applications include industrial hardeners, light exposure systems, and counterfeit bill detectors.
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HPLighting Attends 2014 IR + UV EXPO in Yokohama, Japan

In order to enhance the market for industrial applications of UV LED curing, Taiwan HPLighting has chosen industry's most advanced high quality UV LED chip and special UV LED packages to make UV LED devices with higher efficiency , uniform light irradiance, low power consumption , long life and environmentally friendly features.
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NRL Roadmap to Efficient Green-Blue-Ultraviolet LEDs

Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have suggested a method that could significantly increase the efficiency of green-blue-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes based on GaInN/GaN, AlGaN/GaN, and AlInN/GaN quantum wells. Their approach could enable advances in solid state lighting and the creation of low threshold lasers and high power light LEDs. Their research is published in the January 25 and November 26, 2013 issues of Applied Physics. 
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UPM Makes Progress in Water Contaminant Detection with UV LED Device

Researchers at Technical University of Madrid (UPM) are working in the development of hydrocarbons early detection devices for rivers in order to prevent contamination that could seriously affect the environment.
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Philips Lumileds Sets UV LED Standard with Industry’s Smallest High-Power UV Emitter

At 1/5th the size of other high-power emitters, the LUXEON UV LED enables the highest flux-density systems in the industry.
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LED Engin Develops 365nm UV LED Gen 2 Emitter for Demanding Curing Applications

LED Engin, Inc., a leader in high lumen density LED products, introduced 365nm UV LED Gen 2 emitter that delivers up to 1000mW flux output at 2.8W power, which is the highest radiant flux available in the market from a single die package. The 365nm Gen 2 emitter produces its unprecedented irradiance from a compact 4.4mm x 4.4mm footprint, the industry's smallest high power UV LED package. It is designed with a narrow beam angle of just 70° that results in more flux in the beam and maximum power density (W/cm2) on target, at least four times higher than its...
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FESPA Welcomes New UV Product Programme from ITL

Ground-breaking innovation in UV LED and UV arc curing was well-received by visitors to wide format print industry event, FESPA where Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) showcased further new developments. The show, held June 25-29 in London’s ExCel Exhibition Centre, was an important component in a concerted 2013 new product roll-out from the UK-based company. While the official show report is still to be released, ITL filed ‘highly encouraging’ visitor response to its new lines corresponding with quality sales leads generated. “...
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FLEDA TECH. Announce High Wattage Chip-on-board UV LED Solutions

FLEDA TECH. - located in TAIWAN, focusing on the chip-on-board technology of LED package with Copper-base and supplying the high wattage, high quality and high reliability LED lighting products. The unique surface technology for the Copper-base, enhance the reflective of light and the light efficacy of white LED can reach to 120lm/W, and decrease light decay by the surface damage and have 30,000hrs long life. Now the 6W-320W Chip-on-board type of LED products are available. At present, UV LED are the new issues at LED industry. FLEDA TEC...
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SETi and the USDA Document UV LEDs Extending Shelf life of Fresh Produce

Sensor Electronic Technology Inc reports that LEDs in the UVB spectral band can double the shelf life of refrigerated produce after a study based on strawberries that was conducted with the USDA. Sensor Electronic Technology Inc (SETi) has announced the results of a three-year research program, conducted with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), that prove ultraviolet (UV) LED lighting is an effective technique in extending the shelf life of produce. Strawberries in a refrigerator that were continuously lit with LEDs in the 280–315-nm U...
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Future of UV LED Remains Bright as High Power Demand and Number of New Applications Grow- Interview with SemiLEDs Executive VP of Sales and Marketing Dr. Ilkan Cokgor

  SemiLEDs is a LED chip maker, possessing UV LED chip and systems, also producing lighting class LED. LEDinside had the opportunity to interview Ilkan Cokgor, Ph.D., Executive VP of Sales and Marketing SemiLEDs, in order to understand SemiLEDs's LED lighting and UV LED development. Development status of SemiLEDs's UV LED system integration Although many UV LED applications are currently available on the market, most--for instance, curing technology--tend to be used in industrial settings. The relatively low UV LED adoption rate is generally attributable to the system integration problems that are encountered by manufacturers within the industry.
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SemiLEDs’ Fiscal Q2 2013 Falls 23%

LED chip and component maker SemiLEDs Corp of Hsinchu, Taiwan has reported revenue of $4.8m, down 23% on $6.2m last quarter and 39% on $7.9m a year ago, for its fiscal second-quarter 2013 (to end-February). Impacted by the drop in revenue, a decline in the average selling price (ASP) of LED chips, and excess capacity charges for the firm’s LED chips, gross margin has deteriorated further, from negative 9% a year ago and negative 53% last quarter to negative 69%. “Demand has improved; however, the pricing environment for the general lighting market remains...
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UV LED Market Size to Continue Increasing

LED Engin raised $12 million to expand operations, with an option to receive even more from its investors. According to Yole Developpement’s new report UV LEDS: Technology & Application Trends, UV LEDs are expected to be a $270M business by 2017, and even up to $300M based on application potential. The report cites the compact size, low cost of ownership, and environmentally friendly composition of UV LEDs for their potential to continue to replace such incumbent technologies as mercury. Expectations are, according to the research, that this seg...
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Nitride Semiconductors Releases UV LED Output Power in excess of 3W

Nitride Semiconductors has launched a portfolio of ultra-high power, ultra-violet LEDs delivering output powers that can be in excess of 3W. The NS380L-6SVR, produces 3200mW at 380 nm. According to the company, the output of this LED at this wavelength exceeds all other commercial devices based on a single chip. Nitride Semiconductors has also launched a range of longer wavelength cousins, such as the NS400L-6SVR, which delivers an output of 3200mW at 400nm. The new range of chips combines an operating voltage of 4V with very high efficiencies. For exam...
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Excelitas Launches CurX UV-LED Module

Excelitas Technologies, has launched its first UV LED solution, CurX for the printing and curing industry. The CurX UV-LED module is a linear, scalable, high-end UV LED curing “flood” module available in 365 nm, 385 nm and 395 nm ranges of UV output. It is well suited for demanding applications such as digital ink printing, screen printing, flexo printing, offset printing, and the curing of coatings, adhesives, glues, and varnishes. The CurX UV-LED module, which incorporates LED technology from Nichia, delivers up to 50 percent higher ir...
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SemiLEDs Expands Its UV LED Portfolio with New 0.06W UV LED Product Series

SemiLEDs adds 0.06W UV LEDs product series to its UV LED product portfolio, available in 365-425nm, typical power 5-15mW at 20mA (power is dependent on wavelength). SemiLEDs (NASDAQ: LEDS), a global LED manufacturer, launches two new UV LEDs. The new series of 3020 PLCC UV LEDs and 5mm through-hole lamp type UV LEDs incorporate SemiLEDs’ unique and patented chip technology to offer higher performance and quality products to cost sensitive, retail applications. The 3020 product series will provide a solution to consumers w...
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RadTech Sets up New UV LED Group

RadTech, The Association for UV and EB Technologies announces to form a new committee devoted to fast emerging UV LED technology. The group’s first meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 28, 2013, in Redondo Beach, CA, and will be co-located with the industry trade event, uv.eb WEST. Beth Rundlett of DSM and committee co-chair, said that ,“UV LED technology has the potential to play an essential role in radiation curing industrial applications, RadTech’s technical efforts will further promote UV LED development and it'...
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Nichia : Deep UV LED Development

Nichia developed deep UV LED at shorter than 310nm and will be providing evaluation samples upon request.
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First US UV LED curing symposium hailed a success – further events to be held in 2013

Q&A session underway at first US UV LED curing symposium, Chicago IL. The first ever co-hosted ITL and IST conference on UV LED curing held in the US scored high levels of satisfaction from delegates and participants – further events on the subject in both Europe and the US West Coast in 2013. A sample survey of attendees at the UV LED Curing Symposium in Chicago last month (September 2012) by organizers Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) and IST America scored value, content and networking benefit ‘very good’ while...
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Taiwan HPLighting and HK Everbright Holdings sign Exclusive UV LED Distributorship Agreement for Greater China Region

UV LED products are growing exponentially in 2012 and particularly for “Curing related applications”.  Traditionally, mercury lamps are used for curing purposes but with short lifespan and lengthy warm-up time.  Besides poor efficiency, other shortcomings include; massive heat generation, radiation and ozone emission (both damaging to materials exposed); huge power consumption, and contains hazardous mercury. In comparison to UV mercury lamp, UV LED become the undisputed and only substitution, which offers energy-saving, maximum efficiency, longer lif...
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SemiLEDS: UV LED and LED Lighting on the Brink of a Bright New Future

SemiLEDS is a world’s leading LED chip maker, possessing many LED-related patents and technologies. Recently, LEDinside conducted an interview with Dr. Chuong Anh Tran, President, Chief Operating Officer & Director at SemiLEDs Corp, who shed light on SemiLEDS’ recent LED technological breakthroughs and the company’s latest endeavor on UV LED chips.   LED Lighting to See Upswing in 2H12 and 2013 Chuong stated, SemiLEDS has expanded the capacities of its Taiwan and China production lines, whic...
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Phoseon Technology to Showcase Edge UV LED Curing Systems at RadTech Asia

Phoseon Technology, the provider of UV LED solutions is about to showcase its air cooled and water cooled UV LED systems designed to be capable of curing in a wide range of UV applications at RadTech Asia 2011 conference, in Yokohama, Japan. It’s said that the company will display the three-tiered benefits of UV LED curing (high-quality, environmentally friendly, and lower total cost of ownership). Phoseon's products add additional capability with high performance, maximum UV energy, and outstanding reliability for customer's tough curing environm...
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Phoseon Technology Introduces RX Fireline UV LED Curing Systems

Phoseon announces the introduction of the RX FireLine(TM) series which is the next step in the evolution of their world leading Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM) based high power UV LED curing systems.
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Phoseon Technology, Gallus and Siegwerk to Showcase UV LED Curing for Flexographic Label Press Applications at LabelExpo 2009

LabelExpo 2009 in Brussels, Belgium from September 23rd-26th will see the unveiling of the first application of UV LED Curing technology for a flexographic label press. The system is designed and developed by Phoseon Technology and based on Phoseon's RX FireFlex architecture.
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SemiLEDs Introduces New High-Power 365nm UV LED

SemiLEDs Corporation announced Wednesday the launch of the P5 UV LED, a new high power 5W 365nm UV LED in a silicon casing in ready to use format.
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Southern Company Embraces Phoseon’s UV LED-based Curing Solutions for Its Customers

Southern Company is a big gorilla in the world of energy – generating over 42,000 megawatts and serving 4.4 million customers in Mississippi, Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Their power plants dot the landscape of the south using everything from Hydroelectric to Nuclear fuels to generate electricity.
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Luminus Devices Appoints General Manager of Ultraviolet Business

Luminus Devices Inc., developer and manufacturer of PhlatLight® LEDs, yesterday announced that Doug Lawson has joined the company as General Manager of the UV Business. Lawson will be responsible for leading the strategic business unit and for developing new products to bring PhlatLight LEDs to the ultraviolet (UV) curing market, which Luminus technology provides a fast-growing approach to hardening paints, adhesives, varnishes, printing inks and a wide variety of polymer systems.
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Advanced Substrate Demand to Grow for Gallium-Nitride Devices

A new report from Strategies Unlimited says that increasing demand for blue-violet laser diodes, UV LEDs, and other devices will provide significant growth of advanced substrates such as GaN and AlN.
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Lettuce Grows Darker and Healthier under UV LED Exposure

Scientists have developed a method to make lettuce darker and healthier using ultraviolet (UV) light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Steven Britz of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and his colleagues used low-power LEDs that exposed lettuce to ultraviolet B (UVB) light for 43 hours. The lettuce was noticeably darker than plants not exposed to the UVB. They have not quantified this effect, but the lettuce darkening increased with the intensity of the light. Darker lettuce, like spinach, is known to be more nutrient dense than its lighter counterparts, such as iceberg.
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