Osram Laser and LED Light Module Recognized with Prestigious R&D 100 Award

North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA has been recognized with a prestigious R&D 100 Award for the new OSRAM ITOS® PHASER® 3000, the industry’s first laser and LED-based white light module for microscopy, endoscopy and surgical head lamps that delivers the same brightness as 300W Xenon lamps with significantly higher efficacy and lamp life.
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Osram to Acquire Entertainment Lighting Company Clay Paky

Osram is set to strengthen its position in entertainment lighting and agreed to acquire Clay Paky, a leading maker of entertainment lighting for shows and events. The profitable company from Northern Italy is privately owned and recently generated annual sales of more than €60 million (US $80.40 million). Its products include so-called moving heads, follow spots and projectors. 
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Osram New IR LED Boosts Electro-Optical Efficiency by 48%

The new Oslon Black SFH 4715A boasts a typical electro-optical efficiency of 48 percent – a figure never before achieved with opto-electronic elements – and thanks to the associated huge reduction in cooling requirements, it has a much longer service life, too. In other words, this latest member of the infrared LED (IRED) family is reaching previously unattainable figures. But this is not the only new product in the Oslon Black family from Osram Opto Semiconductors: The SFH 4716A has a beam angle of 150° permitting particularly narrow-angled imaging for camera-based lighting applications by using reflector optics.
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Osram Plans to Slash 7,800 Jobs as Traditional Lighting Business Shrivels Up

Osram stated in its recent 3Q14 financial earnings press release intentions of implementing various additional measures to further improve the competitiveness of its operating units. The associated capacity adjustments of about 7,800 positions worldwide over the next three fiscal years. A Reuter’s report noted 1,700 positions in Germany would be affected, while the remaining 6,100 job cuts will be directed towards other global jobs. Depending on the implementation speed of the measures and the restructuring costs’ effect on earnings, the reported EBITA margin could be below the targeted 8 percent EBITA margin in the fiscal year 2015. Below is Osram's financial report for 3Q14.
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Osram Lights Up Sao Paulo Stadium for World Cup 2014 in Brazil

The new futuristic Corinthians Stadium in Sao Paulo: an arena of the superlatives. The entire high-tech lighting of the arena area is provided by the OSRAM Group.
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OLED Technology To Take Another 3-5 Years Before Maturation

Whenever innovative technologies emerge, speculators often will sail with the wind and urge for the technology’s advancement. They will also start listing the old technology’s flaws. In reality, there is nothing definite in new and old technology. By using innovative technologies for reference, old technologies can further advance, while immature new technologies might meet an early demise.
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Automotive and Semiconductor Lighting to be Most Profitable Sectors in Chinese LED Industry

The LED industry remains optimistic despite faltering macroeconomic growth for LED products. ”LED prices will drop around 20 percent this year. Semiconductors and automotive lighting will become the most profitable sectors within the lighting industry,” said Dr. Ke Zhang, Director of Business Development and Government Affairs, Asia Pacific at Osram.
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Munich Film Festival: Osram and ARRI Put the Spotlight on the Stars

Stars and starlets gathered in the Bavarian capital. The Munich Film Festival is taking place this year for the 32nd time, and once again the program contains some exceptional films packed with famous names. The award for the best international production, to the value of 50,000 euros for particular ARRI products or services, will be presented for the second time jointly by Osram and ARRI. The Munich Film Festival, the second largest film festival in Germany after Berlinale, has been welcoming the Who's Who of the film world since 1983. Last year it attracted more than 70,000 visitors to the cinema screens, and this year's program promises a similar success story because in addition to independent productions from around the world there will be some major names there. A total of thirteen movies, including ones from cinema legends Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Dardenne, featuring such stars as Nicolas Cage, Scarlett Johannson and Juliette Binoche, will be competing for the  ARRI/OSRAM Award in the CineMasters category. Famous names alone are no guarantee of awards, however, as was shown last year when the highly respected jury voted for "Heli", a gripping Mexican drug gang thriller from director Amat Escalante, as the best international film. The winner of the highest accolade this year will be revealed at 7 pm on July 5 at the Gasteig center in Munich. A long tradition in the film business "We have been working closely with the film industry for many years. Our products are used not only to put actors in the right light on set but also to project films onto cinema screens. Our passion for light is as fierce as the passion film-makers have for their productions. With the ARRI/OSRAM Award we want to add a little extra charisma to outstanding performances", said Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO Special Lighting at Osram. "As a traditional Munich-based company with almost 100 years of history in the film industry, ARRI has been a partner of the Munich Film Festival for many years. ARRI is a predominantly international company, so it is fitting that the first award, presented in 2008, was for the best foreign film. This year ARRI will be presenting the award together with Osram for the second time. We want the ARRI/OSRAM Award to encourage international producers to take on their next, hopefully successful project and build up a long-term relationship with us", said Franz Kraus, Managing Director of the ARRI Group.       ARRI, as a specialist in professional camera and lighting equipment and provider of film-making services, and Osram, as a lighting and projection expert, have been deeply rooted in the cinema and film industry for many years. This is borne out by the fact that Osram lamps are used in one in three cinema projectors throughout the world and that ARRI spotlights are used on every film set the whole world over. For their services to the medium of film both companies have been awarded a number of Oscars.
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Osram Launches Light Engine for Highly Compact LED Luminaires Application

Osram, in collaboration with the Munich luminaire manufacturer Markgraf Licht, has developed an LED track spotlight that requires no external control unit. The product was developed in a record time of merely six weeks. The Coma L LED is based on the Prevaled Core AC light engine from Osram with the control unit integrated in the LED module.
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Osram Designates Werner Brandt as Chairman of Audit Committee

OSRAM Licht’s supervisory board has designated Dr. Werner Brandt (60) as the successor of the outgoing member Dr. Joachim Faber (64). Faber resignation from office will be effective starting July 1, 2014.
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Osram and Vatican Sign Framework Collaboration Agreement

Osram and the Vatican Museums are deepening their lighting liaison. Both parties have signed a multi-year framework collaboration agreement regarding possible future projects. Osram is currently already equipping the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel with a new LED-based lighting solution. “We are very glad to continue our collaboration with the Vatican. This follow-up agreement underlines that we are offering high-end quality and innovative lighting solutions and underpins our role as the leading global lighting company”, said Christophe Poméon, head of Osram’s Luminaires Business Unit. “Our art and architecture present the most demanding requirements for light. Therefore, we are using outstanding lighting installations. With the opening of the Sistine chapel at end of October, the public can witness first impressions of this”, said Antonio Paolucci, Director of the Vatican Museums.
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Osram: LED Commercial and Retail Lighting to Thrive in Future Years

As lighting consumption continues to increase, solid state lighting will become a major driving force for LED lighting growth that is expected to grow for several years, said Micheal Schmitt, Regional Marketing Director at Osram during LEDinside’s LEDforum at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) on June 11, 2014.
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Osram Creates a Milestone with Laser Diodes for Projectors

For the first time there is a compact laser multi-chip package. Osram Opto Semiconductors can pack up to 20 blue laser chips in the new PLPM4 450 module. Instead of taking the laborious approach and constructing a light source from individual laser diodes, it is now possible to reduce the complexity of laser projectors significantly. Developers also succeeded in doubling the optical output of the individual chips, with the result that the new laser module now offers an overall output of 50 W. This means that professional laser projectors can achieve a brightness level of more than 2000 lumen with only one component.
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Osram Launches New Task Light Using Oslon Square LEDs

Oslon Square offers impressive efficiency at moderate cost The new luminaire “HighStick” from FuturoLighting is the result of successful cooperation between the Slovakian supplier of LED lighting solutions and Osram Opto Semiconductors. The Oslon Square LED from the German manufacturer offers excellent luminous efficacy as well as long life even at high temperatures and is used as light source for this luminaire from FuturoLighting which has been designed specifically for use in industry.
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Peter Laier Leaves Osram

In today's extraordinary meeting the supervisory board of OSRAM Licht AG has, in agreement with Dr. Peter Laier (45), approved the termination of his appointment as a member of the managing board of OSRAM Licht AG effective 30 June 2014. 
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Osram Launches New Metal Halide Lamps with UV Stop System

Osram metal halide lamps (HMI) 200 W/SE – 1800 W/SE reduce ultraviolet (UV) radiation nearly by 100 percent without any loss of light output or color rendering
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Osram Projects SSL Revenue Share to Exceed 50% by 2017

Osram’s latest 2013 financial report revealed LED sales had a 29 percent revenue share, however, the German company projected the figure will “exceed 50 percent” by 2017.
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Osram Launches Online LED Information Base for Customer Service

Osram puts an end to checking and copying down values from LED data sheets. In future, customers can download technical characteristics directly. The LED Information Base (LIB) online portal includes the complete portfolio of LEDs in the visible wavelength range. 
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Osram Launches New LED Assembly Plant in China

In a further move to strengthen its leading position in the market for LED, Osram today officially opened its LED assembly plant in Wuxi, China. The factory has a floor area of about 100,000 square meters and will employ as many as 2,100 people by 2017. Osram is investing a low three-digit-million euro amount to set up the plant.
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OSRAM LEDsBIKE Bicycle Lights Enhance Road Safety for Cyclists

As of July, OSRAM is expanding its lighting portfolio to include LEDsBIKE bicycle lights. The front bicycle lights are available in three illuminance levels and in full compliance with Germany’s Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). Thanks to energy-efficient LED technology, all three models offer not only hours of light, but also up to 70 lux illuminance, meaning they put significantly more light on the road than most bicycle lights on the market today. The LEDsBIKE RX2 rear light rounds out the product line. All the OSRAM lights are equipped with a low battery warning system, are rainproof and have a proven two-year OSRAM guarantee.
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Osram Releases Low-profile Synios E4014 LEDs

The low-profile rectangular shape of the new Synios E4014 from Osram Opto Semiconductors enables the light from this LED to be injected into light guides so that a wide range of design ideas can turned into reality. These mid-power light emitting diodes also have an impressively robust plastic package, a particularly uniform distribution of light and an excellent price performance ratio. The LEDs are intended primarily for visually enhancing "white goods" and for lighting systems in vehicles and displays.
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Osram 2Q14 Earnings Sees Significant Growth in LED Business

Osram recorded a significant year-on-year earnings increase in the second quarter of its fiscal year 2014. The business with LED-based products (Solid State Lighting, or SSL) continued to rise strongly in the second quarter and achieved a revenue share of 34 percent.
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CLSA: Three Catalysts Contribute to Rapid Increase in LED Penetration Rate

The LED lighting market has seen a boom in growth starting in the last half of 2013. Rapid growth is attributed to price drops, government policies, and rising cost in power usage, according to investment group CLSA. These three catalysts are anticipated to drive up LED lighting penetration rate from 20 percent in 2013 to 44 percent by 2016.
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Regensburg-based Artist Illuminates Glass Sculptures with OSRAM MultiLED

MultiLEDs can deliver bright light in all colors, as they contain red, green and blue chips. Therefore they give lighting designers a free hand when selecting colors, for example for automotive interior lighting. Now Peter Nowotny, an artist based in Regensburg, Germany, is using the tiny RGB light sources in several of his artworks and achieving impressive effects.
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Osram LEDs Bring Out Forster Rohner Textile Features

The Swiss company Forster Rohner AG with its business unit Textile Innovations uses PointLEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors to make its textiles shine. The products range from curtains with integrated LEDs to lamp shades and haute couture. The PointLED's round shape blends in ideally with the textile materials. This new, extraordinary area of application proves once more that there are hardly any limits to the small light emitting diode's versatility, and that they can be used for more than just general, industrial or automotive lighting.
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Osram and Flex-N-Gate Cooperate to Launch World’s First Pickup with Full LED Front Lighting

One of America's legendary pickup trucks, and the biggest seller in the USA, is now blazing the pioneer trail in lighting thanks to Osram. The 2015 model of the Ford F-150 will be the world's first pickup on the market with a complete LED forward lighting solution from Osram. 
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OSRAM CTO Gives Insight into Market's Transition in the Digital Era

Light+Building 2014 was a huge success for Osram, where they showcased their newest innovations, products, and range of services. After the expo concluded, Osram conducted an interview with Dr. Peter Laier, Member of the Board, CTO about the markets transition into the digital era. 
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Philips and Osram Compete for Lighting Solution-based Multi-Year City Contracts

LEDs are tooted as having long lifespans, but as more traditional light sources are being switched out for SSL, manufacturers are realizing that long lifespans are not good for a sustainable business model. Therefore, companies such as Philips and Osram are looking into long-term installation contracts. Philips has secured such a contract with Washington’s transit authority to upgrade around 13,000 fixtures in parking lots, according to a recent Bloomberg report. 
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Osram Unveils the First Flush-mountable Infrared LED

Osram Opto Semiconductors now enables remote control functionality to be incorporated in a lower profile than ever before thanks to the first flush-mountable infrared LED. The compact side-looking T-shaped Midled offers impressively high radiant intensity and protrudes only fractions of millimeters from the board. An infrared transmitter can therefore now be integrated in extra-thin smartphones or tablet computers.
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All Eyes on Smart Lighting at Light+Building 2014

Smart lighting has become the trump card  for manufactures who want to give themselves an edge in the market. Large manufacturers including Philips, Osram, Samsung, and LG all showcased their newest smart lighting products at Light+Building 2014. The idea that anything is possible through smart lighting was evident at this year’s exhibition in Frankfurt. 
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